Good, open and honest conversations are key to building strong, successful relationships.

At Conscious Conversations we heighten people’s consciousness of what happens during a conversation – the impact of what they say, how they say it and how they respond to others.


With enriched skills you and your colleagues can connect and collaborate with greater impact and together create a happier, more trusting and productive workplace.




People voicing opinions

Nobody sets out to have a bad conversation but we witness them everyday. In fact, many challenges faced in organisations stem from the lack of good conversations.


Many people think they are great communicators when in fact they lack valuable conversational skills. The problem is exacerbated by increasing reliance on email and other electronic media that avoid face-to-face contact.

Colleagues who get into unnecessary heated and destructive debates

Meetings dominated by those with the loudest voices

Managers who aim to motivate but actually demoralise and don't know why

Changes that take place without clear explanation

 The challenge 

Our Approach

At Conscious Conversations we start from the belief that everyone has some innate communication ability. They just need guidance and encouragement to become aware of any weaknesses, develop new skills and begin to apply these in conversations. 


We do this through interactive, creative and enjoyable sessions, tailored to the specific needs of a group of generally 8-12 people. Using case studies and exercises, participants experience what good and bad conversations look like and learn how small changes can have a big impact. We offer them specialist knowledge, encouragement and a safe environment in which to practice their skills. Everything we do is rooted in proven theory. 


Our sessions focus on the types of interaction common in the workplace but innovatively we use primarily non work-place scenarios to widen participants’ thinking. They are then challenged to reflect on the implications for their working life and to create a personal action plan.


The impact

For the participant

With practice they will become more considered and empathetic when connecting with others. They will be more confident at taking the initiative, getting the best from any interaction, giving feedback and dealing with a difficult conversation.

For the organisation

Better conversations lead to greater openness, improved trust and more effective relationships, all of which create a collaborative environment with happier, more motivated and inspired teams.


About us

Catherine Connolly

Catherine Connolly has 30 years' experience in senior human resources roles and is also a qualified executive coach.


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Ingrid Allen

Ingrid Allen has over 35 years' experience in business, the last 15 of them in internal communications.


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"Thank you very much for a really good day – I took a huge amount of learning

away from the session.  Now let's put it into practice!"


"My team has been re-energised and they now have real confidence. I see this in the

way our other colleagues are now responding to us."


"Conscious Conversations unlocks the ability for true dialogue leading to real development of potential and performance."



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